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Foreword: The ‘Impuls-Fragmente’ and other art-religious texts in this blog have found expression in the language that is permitted for the transcendental ‘Goethevolk’, the universal community of absolute purposes in itself, by the Titanid Themis for ‘dikelogische’ reasons. The German language is therefore no indicator that this blog is aimed solely at the native Germans under the rule of the BRD-Regime or the citizens who are taken by the “EU”.
Organization seat: The permanent residence of the Art Revolutionary NPO 1) “Sonne und Erde – Entwicklungsbegleitung” is not at the address listed below within the “EU”. The address entered below is simply the postal address of the ‘Kunstkirche’ for finding the venue. The permanent seat of the NPO is outside the “EU” and beyond the natural world in the transcendental space of romantic irony (imagination).
1) = Non Political Organisation.

Responsibility: Responsible in the violent reality for the epistemological, art-religious and socially plastic content in accordance with § 5 TMG are in the human hybrid being naturalist Henryk Dykier of the ‘BRD-Regime’, the metaphysical person Heinrich Wegwarte of the ‘Free Karl-Phillip Moritz Online University’, the transcendental personality Kigan Thorix of the ‘aesthetic polis’ and the transcendent entelechy of the art-practical ‘Akashachronik’ in their functions given by the goddess Hygieia as ‘Entwicklungsbegleiter SUE’, epistemologist, ‘Gesundheitsberater GGB’, art practitioner (act of the god Ares), art theorist (voice of Titanide Themis), naturalist (licensed pharmacist), poetologist (servant of the goddess Artemis), philologist, philosopher, typesetter (with journeyman’s letter) and theologian.

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